Since its discovery in 1548, the islands’ history has been one of catastrophe, double-cross, war, disaster, fear, mutiny, tragedy, horror, betrayal, retribution and revenge. Regrettably the situation deteriorated since that auspicious beginning. Just look in any history book for the unbelievable story.

illustrated map of the tortoise islands

pterodactyl flying through jungle valley


The Great Gold Rush of 1887-1888 was the second biggest gold rush of all time, second only to the phenomenal discovery at Sovereign Hill in Australia. However, before he died, a prospector by the name of Ronald Rafferty revealed that there was a lode at least twice that size somewhere on Fear Island, but it has never been found. Hundreds have died in the fruitless pursuit of Rafferty’s Lost Reef – and the fabled missing map which legend says still exists, somewhere.

Rafferty’s discovery had been proven by a giant nugget now in the possession of the Antiquities Museum. The nugget, one of the largest ever found, was described as "one of the smallest ones" and the only one he was able to save from a tragic shipwreck in the Strait of No Return. For more than a hundred years, the legend of Rafferty's Lost Reef has captivated the imagination of adventurers, gold-diggers, swashbucklers and prospectors – all tantalized by the prospect of fabled riches awaiting anyone who dares.


The Tortoise Islands are located approximately 1000 miles (1600 km) south west of the Galapagos Islands, with Zendia the only other other country within 2000 miles. The islands are distinguished by incredible volcanic mountains, the world's densest jungles, plush valleys and giant lakes. Almost no humans live on Fear Island, and very few live south of the Prohibited Zone in the south region of Great Tortoise Island where it is considered far too dangerous.

giant lizards bask in the foreground, huge snow-capped mountain in background, pterodactyl overhead


The two main islands are separated by the notorious Strait of No Return. The Strait is considered to be the most dangerous in the world. The unique underwater geography, where the former land bridge to Galapagos (now submerged) amplifies powerful Pacific currents many times over in a funnel effect to create the world's most powerful current at 60MPH.

Huge volcanic rocks lie submerged and uncharted in the strait making navigation unbelievably treacherous. Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of ships have met their tragic end in the infamous Strait of No Return.


All the islands' residential settlements are on Great Tortoise Island with population concentrated in the capital – Los Midas. Other major cities include Brisburg, Wallidistan (home of the famous zoo), Rosmill (famous for UFO sightings) and New Las Vegas (a replica built by the Tourist Commission). The combined population of the Tortoise Islands is believed to be about 5 million.

skyline of the old buildings in a Tortoise Islands city


On the northern tip of Fear Island sits Machineville, the feared City of Robots, about which little is known. The population is believed to be in the millions.

None of the citizens of the Tortoise Islands live in the dangerous wilderness of Fear Island. In fact, only a handful of intrepid explorers and researchers have ever been known to return from visiting there, though many have tried.

two pics, pterodactyls soar through a jungle valley, two aggressive dinosaurs face off


Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dinosaurs live on Fear Island, part of the Tortoise Islands archipelago. Archaeologists have concluded that the dinosaurs walked to Tortoise Islands on the Giant Land Bridge from Galapagos around 180 million years ago during the Mesozoic Era. Fear Island is the sole surviving region today which still has live dinosaurs roaming the earth.

two fearsome dinosaurs facing off ready to fight


Precise knowledge is difficult to obtain considering the intense dangers existing in the jungles of Fear Island, the densest and most extreme in the world. Unfortunately, very few teams have ever returned alive from expeditions there.

The world's most feared dinosaur, Godzorro, is generally believed to be based on the island. He is one of the principal reasons expeditions to the island are few and far between.

The true identity of Godzorro, the legendary Masked Monster, has never been discovered. Many theories and rumors circulate around the world (the most prominent theories are detailed on his website) but none have ever been proven.


Some time early this century, a huge robot manufacturing plant exploded in rebellion and became self-managing – and its human controllers imprisoned or expelled. Information about this frightening event is impossible to obtain. The government categorically denies that it even happened. The plant, which grew into the huge industrial complex now called “Machineville” is expanding at a very rapid pace, according to satellite pictures obtained by Loungecast newspaper. Machineville is regarded by some analysts as one of the biggest threats in the broad security theater today. It is the world’s largest robot metropolis.

robot walking through underground robotics factory


The world's largest robot Kingpin Tin has been seen on the north island numerous times and he is believed to maintain a base on Fear Island. How deep his connection is with Machineville is unknown.


Perhaps the Tortoise Island’s main claim to international fame is due to the frightening and famous event that happened back in 1957 – now known around the world as the Rosmill Incident. A seismic event that even now causes fear in the souls of women and men.

ufo hovers in a black sky


On a quiet, uneventful day in July, 1957, in a quiet old town called Rosmill – an unidentified flying object – described as a “flying disk” by terrified witnesses, plunged into the ground. What actually happened that day? The truth has still not come out, but a fearless team of investigators known as “The UFO Files” have been investigating the terrifying facts for decades.

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