Historically, the islands have prospered via its successful agriculture sector, spearheaded by Jungle Bird Seed (which controls more than 80 per cent of the world bird seed market) and Jed's Horse Feed (which was chief supplier to the US war effort in Afghanistan). In the technology sector, companies like Satanco (genetic modification) are increasingly dominant.

industrial scene with railway and lots of smoke


Today, Getmore Global is the country's largest company with diverse interests around the world and whose Chairman Frank W Getmore needs no introduction. Getmore Global is now one of the 20 largest companies in the world, and is also the largest shareholder in Tortoise Bank, among others. Other major corporations which have become household names around the world include Dumblon Cosmetics, Nukula Mobiles and Natural Plutonium.


The Tortoise Islands' currency is the Tortoise Dollar ($T) which is administered under the central control of the Feral Reserve and chairman Dr Greenhorn. The Tortoise Island's Government currently holds the world's third largest gold reserves, guaranteeing the prosperity of the nation.

a tortoise bank armored car drives through the city


The Tortoise Islands has one of the most successful and prosperous banking sectors in the world today. The largest bank, Tortoise Bank, was established in 1889 at the end of the Great Gold Rush and over the years has grown to become the international financial colossus it is known as today. Tortoise Bank stores the Islands' gold reserves under contract with the government.

The TIXS, the Tortoise Islands Stock Exchange, is overseen by the Tortoise Islands Security Exchange in Los Midas.

two pics, railway and industry scene with smoke billowing, a tortoise bank armored car in a city street


The World Chaos Disorganization spearheads scientific research on the islands. The WCD has built a huge complex of research laboratories in the south of Great Tortoise Island since the organization was expelled from the USA in the late 1980s. A joint biological facility is also operated in association with the Great North Wallidistan Zoo at the top end of the island where extensive dinosaur DNA research is carried out.

a scientist working on a giant mobile phone almost a meter or three feet long


Joint ventures are also being explored with Satanco and other technology companies and organizations worldwide. The WCD is headed up by the award winning scientist Prof Mort Grippen and a formidable international team of ground-breaking scientists and researchers.

The Mental Institute for Strategic Studies is the Islands' premier research institute. The MIFSS think tank provides strategic policy and research advice to governments and corporations around the globe.


There can be no doubt that the Tortoise Islands is a pioneer at the forefront of disruptive innovation and technology.

a tortoise bank armored car drives through the city


The Tortoise Islands was a leading nation when it decided to join the World Wide Web, also known by some strange people as "The Internet". This world-beating initiative was commenced in 2008 and resulted in the sophisticated technology complex known internationally as Turtle Portal.

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